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Klinche focuses on the unique needs of the entire construction financing chain. From the direct experiences of Klinche’s founders, we understand the complexities and have developed software to assist every step the way.

Don’t have 4 hours of time to read & synthesize the 600-page monthly report, Klinche’s Machine Learning capabilities can complete that task in seconds.
Spend hours putting together legal documents, Klinche prepares them for you in minutes without errors/rework.
Frustrated in waiting 60 days to get paid, Klinche’s payment platform can do it in 10 days.
Challenged to spend 1-2 weeks prepping for your Federal & State audits, Klinche ensures you have all the right documents all the time.  No more chasing down documents from Subs and Suppliers.
Tired of the fire drill when an Executive asks for a Loan Portfolio performance report, Klinche has that report available 24×7, no lead time required.

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